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Book Review: Evolution & Contextual Behavioral Science

A couple of years ago, I reviewed a book called Advances in Relational Frame Theory: Research and Application, edited by Dymond and Roche. One of the editors of the book being reviewed today, Evolution & Contextual Behavioral Science, Steven C. Hayes, was a developer of relational frame theory which is based in contextual behavioral science.

The other editor, David Sloan Wilson, wrote Darwin’s Cathedral and Evolution for Everyone. Psychologist Hayes and evolutionary biologist Wilson were introduced to each other...


Book Review: The Tao of Trauma

Psychological trauma doesn’t only affect how a person thinks, feels and behaves, but also how their body responds to the world around them. They can experience hypervigilance, unexplained physical symptoms, muscle tension and exhaustion.

And yet, modern medicine so often focuses only on their symptoms.


Book Reviews

Book Review: Remembering

Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall. Humpty Dumpty had a great fall. All the king’s horses and all the king’s men…

It is highly likely that your brain just completed that sentence from memory thanks to the activity in a section of your brain called...

Book Reviews

Book Review: Loving Through Your Differences

For many couples, differences can be both the source of conflict and the reason for going their separate ways. However, according to James L. Creighton, the author of Loving Through Your Differences: Building Strong Relationships From Separate Realities, it doesn’t have to be this...

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Book Review: The Performing Art Of Therapy

From the moment a client enters a therapist’s office, the therapist is asked to do many things. To identify. To diagnose. To explain. To treat. To support.

And, according to Mark O’Connell, they are also expected to act. He writes, “Therapist, you are a performing...


Book Review: The Bipolar Addict

“When you’re manic, you’re in a heightened mood marked by delusions of grandeur and sometimes psychosis and hallucinations. It’s like being under the influence, but instead of being influenced by a foreign substance, you’re simply at the whim of your own brain. You think...