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Book Review: The Energy of Abundance: Practical Advice & Spiritual Wisdom

When Albert Einstein, Niels Bohr, and Arthur Compton were working on their contributions to quantum physics, they probably didn’t envision the science becoming a part of a so-called abundance theory. Yet Phyllis King, an intuitive coach, uses quantum physics in what she calls the “Energy Game” — a theory about how we can intentionally direct our focus to choose certain emotions.

In The Energy of Abundance: Practical Advice and Spiritual Wisdom to Achieve Anything You Want in Life, King posits that all emotions have a frequency to them: high, medium, or low. The choice we make, she writes, is about “which frequencies we are going to consume and align with as truthful or valuable.”

In other words, in order to “win” at the Energy Game, you must learn to choose the higher frequencies in life, as these will result in higher frequency reactions. Part of the equation, King writes, is recognizing that the external reality is not the ultimate truth.

King looks at things like birth, death, relationships, marriage, parenting, surrender, and joy. To illustrate her points, she provides examples from clients and from her own life. These in-depth portraits may help the reader envision how to apply higher frequencies and change their reality — more than they might have imagined.

However, the book is not without its flaws. The biggest issue is that King’s application of the game to the various topics she discusses is loose at times. In fact, in a few of the chapters, it is difficult to determine how the game really fits in. While King does supply examples of conversations with clients, I found myself having to flip back and forth between pages to try and keep up. At times the book was so hard to follow that I had to go back to the first chapter, read again about the Energy Game, then try once again to understand a later section.

The other major issue: King’s Energy Game may seem transformative and progressive, but her views on relationships and marriage are antiquated.

When discussing issues that couples may face, King focuses entirely on what the woman should do to fix things. Several problems arise. First, King simply assumes that all her readers are in heterosexual relationships. Second, she essentially lectures her female readers on how to be June Cleaver and not “emasculate” their male partner. This throwback to midcentury gender roles is insulting.

“Men want to solve for us,” King writes. “They want to be the person who answers our need and helps us with our problems. We have to let them.” Is she suggesting that women should just allow men to fix everything so that their fragile male egos don’t get trampled?

She goes on. “When we” — meaning women — “lead with truth, compassion, and sincerity, if he loves us he will follow our lead.” In other words, if women show men love, honesty, or compassion, men will supposedly follow suit. But doesn’t this overlook any low frequencies that men may be bringing to the table? Is this not a backwards way to view gender and how we interact?

Despite all these issues, the book had a subtle — and surprising — impact on me. The idea of high frequencies versus low frequencies and their role in our lives is one that I cannot shake. I find myself noticing the patterns King describes playing out in my life and the lives of those around me, particularly when it comes to low frequencies. For instance, I notice how much the “negative Nancy” personality seems to attract negative situations and people.

While reading The Energy of Abundance, I didn’t think it would leave much of an impression. But, despite King’s sexist-seeming views, the overarching theory in her book has shifted the way I view the world.

The Energy of Abundance: Practical Advice and Spiritual Wisdom to Achieve Anything You Want in Life

New Page Books, July 2015

Paperback, 192 pages


Book Review: The Energy of Abundance: Practical Advice & Spiritual Wisdom

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