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Pocket Truths For Success: 365 Daily Principles to Become the Most Successful Person You Know

“Achieving and sustaining success” and helping others to do so is the premise for Pocket Truths For Success, by B.A. Newman and Dr. Justin B. Short. Other inspirational books have used the day-at-a-time focus and Pocket Truths employs this method to good effect.

The difference in Pocket Truths is that it marries business with spiritual principles. As with other disciplines, such as New Age thinking or Buddhism, disciples are taught that your mindset creates your world.

Newman and Short have taken that teaching and grounded it in a reality that the average citizen can grasp and make use of. “Success is the sum of small efforts repeated day in and day out” (Robert Collier), is quote number 333 and reminds us that no lasting change happens without sustained effort.

Another recommendation for the book is its direct approach. There is no misunderstanding any of the quotes; they are easily remembered and pondered. Further, young, adult and senior readers will find no age barrier to the content. These are truisms.

The book’s daily meditations are a smorgasbord of phrases from “Your obstacles present your opportunity” (No. 8, p. 2) to “Avoid fast food” (No. 332, p.66) and feed the reader small bites of the practical (eating fast food leads to ill health), seasoned with spiritual and ethical values (to remind you of the gift you are being given). The power to change is in savoring the daily quote throughout the day. This learning by attrition will help turn even a lifetime habit of negative thinking into a new positive groove in your mental vinyl (or CD, if you prefer). Since psychologists agree that 99% of our thoughts are repetitive, one can easily see how ingrained a person’s thinking can be.

James Allen postulates, “Our life is what our thoughts make it. A man will find that as he alters his thoughts toward things and other people, things and other people will alter towards him.” This is just one aspect of how Newman and Short are trying to get our attention. Since we do not live in a vacuum it is important to acknowledge that the people we meet and interact with, daily, help us see our world. They are our teachers; we are theirs. To be successful, we need to interact with others. Number 246 on page 49 tells us “Do not talk over people, LISTEN!” This is just one of hundreds of quotes that not only help one to become a better person, but to “see the forest for the trees.”

The combination of practical advice (“Have a personal coach, no one needs to go at it alone”), repetition of truisms in different ways (ex. “Profits follow passion” and “Passion and honesty come before wealth”) on a bedrock of humility is the very effective mechanism that makes this book successful.

One of the issues I found was that, although not heavy with the word “God,” its inclusion could turn some readers away. I think that would be a sad loss to them, but if we are, indeed, all connected and can help each other, a more inclusive reference to a Higher Power would get more people on board. Then again, there are many other books that use this recipe of daily meditation in specific spiritual terms of one’s own choice. Perhaps it is no matter that some would look elsewhere, and hopefully find a light for their path.

For myself, I have used many books with a similar format from Daily Reflections (Hazelton) to The Abundance Book (John Randolph Price) but I find that Pocket Truths is unique in its approach. I am willing to keep an open mind regarding the verbiage (since I call my Higher Power by another name) in order to get the reward of change that will make me a successful person on this plain without sacrificing my spiritual principles. For that I employ number 245 from the book: “Be open to change, you do not know everything.”

Although other books have helped me to attain success, it has always been fleeting. If utilizing Pocket Truths can deliver the sustainable success it was written to address, then it will be a powerful book, indeed. My sense is that, applied daily and with hopeful effort, this could be so.

Prentice Mulford (1834-1891) was at the forefront of New Thought with his book, Thoughts are Things. If this is true then thoughts are the raw material we can work with to change our lives, even if they don’t exist, as quantum physics teaches us. What does exist is possibility. This is another mechanism of the daily meditations genre of books: repetitive new thought and its efficacy toward change. Why not take a negative and make it a positive? If your present thoughts are repetitive and negative, repeat after Newman and Short each day and watch your life change in dramatic, unprecedented ways.

Pocket Truths for Success: 365 Daily Principles to Become the Most Successful Person You Know

By B.A. Newman and Dr. Justin B. Short

Minneapolis: Mill City Press, 2011


Pocket Truths For Success: 365 Daily Principles to Become the Most Successful Person You Know

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