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Book Review: The Art of Limitless Living

“When we change how we relate to our reality, through our inner actions and interactions, then we indeed change our personal and often shared experiences,” writes Melissa Joy Johnson. In her new book, The Art of Limitless Living: The Joy, Possibility, and Power of Living a Heart-Centered Life, Johnson shows readers that what we truly desire is within our reach, and likely even already inside us.

According to Johnson, relating to experiences differently begins with using a new language.

“This integrative language of heart-centered awareness coupled with the power of congruent choices create indelible imprints, heart-prints that pave the way for the integrity effect to ripple into our personal and collective realities,” writes Johnson.

Living with integrity is not about closing the gap between where we are and where we want to be, but rather, moving into the gap.

“As a result of living from the heart in a space of coherency, making congruent choices that are aligned with the wisdom of the heart, we experience the beneficial ripple effect of symmetric physics expressing through proportional unity and completion. When we live from our heart, connected to our true authentic self, there is no gap,” writes Johnson.

Living without integrity is not sustainable, yet through awareness and embodiment of our own integrity, we can open doors for others.

“We can help others map integrity simply by becoming it and expressing integrity in our hearts,” writes Johnson.

Through connecting more deeply to ourselves, others, and the world around us, we also reconcile discrepancies within ourselves and our lives.

“Through heart-centered connections, we can bridge the gap between individual notions that we create our own reality and the external consensus of a shared reality that seems to happen beyond our control,” writes Johnson.

Our experiences are a reflection of ourselves, ourselves in relation to everything. Johnson describes these patterns of relating that reflect aspects of our wholeness not yet recognized as placeholders.

“A placeholder may be anything in our reality to which we are relating in our lives, which often takes us out of our heart; a placeholder is something that seemingly prevents us from feeling whole, complete, and at peace with ourselves,” writes Johnson.

When we come to see that we create our own meaning through how we relate to ourselves, placeholders do not hold the same power of over us. Rather, we can operate from a place of neutrality, where we are no longer locked into patterns, or ideas that we think things need to change.

“Being neutral from the field of the heart as we relate to placeholders is what enables placeholders to transform into graceholders,” writes Johnson.

“Graceholding” describes the transformational process that occurs when we love ourselves in such a way that the placeholder no longer holds the same place, value, or power in our reality. The transformation is the realization that we don’t have to be perfect. Living a truly authentic life instead embraces our imperfections and limitations with unconditional acceptance.

“Although the limitations may not necessarily be true, when we resonate with them as if they are true, then our reality will conform accordingly,” writes Johnson.

Allowing for all of our parts to exist as one frees us from prescribed patterns and allows us to be able to respond flexibly from a place of authenticity.

“Reality is a little bit like playing tennis. Our true self serves up the ball to the universe to instigate the game. The universe may return the ball, often with unexpected speed, curve, and force. Sometimes the ball will come out of nowhere in a way that seems completely unrelated to our serve, both in time and space. Sometimes multiple balls are returned simultaneously. However, all is connected. How we respond to those balls varies to the degree we may have integrated and embodied true authentic self,” writes Johnson.

Through heart-centered awareness, we also learn to occupy multiple perspectives simultaneously. Life is beautiful and tragic. We feel strong and vulnerable. And it is both the best of times and the worst of times. Yet, inside our hearts, through accessing our intuition, we have everything we need to navigate the changing world around us.

“Living from the unified heart rather than from the polarized mind enables us to move beyond limiting gaps in awareness to a space of limitless potential,” writes Johnson.

Joy is our natural state, is not dependent on external circumstances, and is something that is available to us all. We simply have to open our hearts, listen, and let our true authentic selves emerge.

In The Art of Limitless Living, Melissa Joy Johnson takes readers on an inspiring and transformational journey that helps us to transcend past limitations and uncovers a salient truth: through experiencing ourselves differently, we become different. 

The Art of Limitless Living: The Joy, Possibility, and Power of Living a Heart-Centered Life

Melissa Joy Johnson

New Page Books

April 2018

Softcover, 203 Pages

Book Review: The Art of Limitless Living

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