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Book Review: 8 Steps to High Performance

Many things in life are guided by trial and error, but this is especially true when we try to improve our performance. We take the best advice we are given, throw out what doesn’t seem to work, and hope for the best.
Yet according to...


Book Review: Understanding Antidepressants

One in five Americans will have a major depressive episode in their lives and many will seek help from a mental health provider, which may include treatment with medication. As with all medication, there is no one-size-fits-all treatment plan when it comes to antidepressants....


Book Review: The Anxiety Management Workbook

Although it is a normal human emotion and an adaptive response to threatening situations, anxiety can feel overwhelming, often trapping us in a loop of automatic thoughts that lead to physiological responses that convince us something is wrong.
The result is a host of behaviors...


Book Review: The Anxiety Management Manual

Anxiety can feel paralyzing. It can keep us from doing the things we love. It can keep us from pursuing our goals. It can keep us from enjoying our lives. Yet anxiety need not be a roadblock. “Even if you have a genetic tendency...

Book Reviews

Book Review: Text Me When You Get Home

Text Me When You Get Home: The Evolution and Triumph of Modern Female Friendship, is itself a triumph. Thanks to journalist Kayleen Schaefer’s unstinting insistence that female friendships can be the most significant relationships in women’s lives, women can unapologetically declare their love for...