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Book Review: Trauma & the Struggle to Open Up

Our relationships can be our greatest source of pain, and yet without relationships, we cannot heal from pain. For some people, the pain is too overwhelming and avoidance seems the only option. Others may try to be open about their experiences and find themselves...

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Book Review: The Attachment Effect

The West, and particularly the United States, has a strong ideological and cultural belief in rugged individualism. Asian cultures are more geared toward the importance of the group. Regardless of what culture we are born into, we are born helpless, and we rely on...

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Book Review: The Emotional Foundations of Personality

The Emotional Foundations of Personality: A Neurobiological and Evolutionary Approach is the last work of Jaak Panksepp. Kenneth Davis was a student of Panksepp many years ago and became a colleague and co-author. As Davis wrote, this work was like taking a multi-year seminar...

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Book Review: Belief: What It Means To Believe

“Beliefs have inspired human to conquer diseases, to explore unchartered lands, to construct beautiful edifices, and to look beyond their personal needs and work for the welfare of others, fighting for equality, defending freedom, helping the sick and assisting the poor,” writes James E....

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Book Review: Playful Intelligence

Why have we forgotten how to play as adults? It seems that once we have the responsibilities of work and family, our time is spent learning how to deal with the pressures of life, and play goes by the wayside. In Playful Intelligence:...


Book Review: That Which Doesn't Kill Us

Author Charlie Bloom describes just one of the many myths that we hold about relationships -- we either sacrifice our own needs to our partner, or we fulfill our needs at the expense of our partner -- by sharing his experience with his own...

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Book Review: You Are Not A Rock

No one wants to feel sad, angry, lonely, or anxious, but by avoiding those feelings, we may only make things worse. In You Are Not A Rock: A Step-By-Step Guide to Better Mental Health (For Humans), Mark Freeman encourages readers to feel feelings because...