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Killing Mr. Hyde: Allowing God to Destroy What's Destroying You

According to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, about million adults had an alcohol use disorder in 2013. To make matters worse, more than ten percent of children live in a household with at least one parent who struggles with alcoholism. And yet, for many people with this type of addiction, it is difficult for them or those around them to identify the problem.
Alcohol consumption is typically social. We tend to drink at birthdays, holidays, weddings,...


101 Solution-Focused Questions Series Set

The buzz of the emergency department whirls around us as I pull my chair closer to the middle-aged woman sitting on the gurney. I know she was brought here by her concerned husband, who told the triage nurse she just has not been herself....

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Hakomi Mindfulness-Centered Somatic Psychotherapy

Despite my decades of training and practice in psychotherapy, I had not heard of Hakomi therapy until a couple of years ago, when a client asked me about it. The client studied Taoist philosophy and mindfulness and was wondering if anyone in the area practiced...

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Book Review: Fear, Control & Letting Go

Some of us notice that the same patterns and same storylines keep coming up as we get older. Some of us make New Year’s resolutions, or write down our goals, or pray and light candles and hope that something — God, the universe —...