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Divorced! Survival Techniques for Singles Over Forty

Sadly, many marriages in this country do not end well. For the last several years, the divorce rate has hovered over fifty percent for first marriages, and even higher for second marriages. And if you are among the divorced, Joanna Romer writes in her new book, “you...

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Book Review: Using Hypnosis with Children

“This book is, first and foremost, a book of action,” writes psychotherapist Lynn Lyons.
“This might surprise most people, based on the common vision of hypnosis as still, quiet, or passive.” But, she continues, “Hypnosis is a bridge from stuck to solutions.” When it comes...


Bipolar Disorder for Dummies, 3rd Ed.

Some people may find it off-putting to buy a "Dummies" book on a health or mental health concern. "How can they talk about such a serious condition in this sort of do-it-yourself book?"
But that's exactly the point -- and the beauty -- of the...

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House of Cards: Not Dealing with a Full Deck

This article was originally written for a student psychology journal in Norway.

It has become increasingly popular in recent times for authors to further blur the line between what the research shows definitively and what the author purports the research shows. No more is this seen than in one of the Free Press' most controversial books, The Bell Curve. In this book, Charles Murray and the late Richard J. Herrnstein (1994)...