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Book Review: Resilience

Since the publication of the first edition of Resilience: The Science of Mastering Life's Greatest Challenges in 2012, both of the authors have had to put their research on resilience into practice in their own lives.
Dennis Charney lost his father, and was shot last year while leaving...

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Book Review: The Art of the Wasted Day

To live, one must let go. Let go of notions of time, ideas of importance, deep seated feelings of guilt, and the ever nagging desire to do something. It is only then that we can truly get lost in thought, in our own minds,...


Book Review: Anxiety Relief for Kids

Many parents look for books that offer guidance and understanding about psychological problems their children may be experiencing. Mental health professionals also frequently recommend such books to families receiving counseling and other therapeutic services. Unfortunately, parent-advice books are often poor quality, difficult to understand,...

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Book Review: Inventing Ourselves

Adolescence may seem like a period during which the brain goes offline, but it is anything but that. All-consuming relationships, capricious decisions, radical mood swings, and an addiction-like compulsion to risk-taking all offer tremendous insight into a time when the brain is shifting, changing,...

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Book Review: The Power of Context

Our initial impressions about other people are often far from accurate. We might judge someone for not holding the door open for us, but perhaps he didn't even see us, or has trouble hearing and didn't sense us approaching. In The Power of Context,...


Book Review: Hatching Charlie

“Herein lies one of life’s many paradoxes, although embracing one’s thoughts and feelings is essential to the pursuit of happiness, it is not easy,” writes Charles Creath McCormack in his new memoir, Hatching Charlie: A Psychotherapist’s Tale.
Throughout the book, McCormack takes readers on a...

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Book Review: Self-Care Solution

In our culture, the go-to response when asked how we're doing is often “Busy, I am just so busy.” I have yet to hear someone say “I am doing great because I invest time into self-care.”
Not taking care of ourselves because we are busy...

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Book Review: The Mind Manual

If an apple a day can keep the doctor away, imagine what a "mindapplecan do for you. In The Mind Manual, author Andy Gibson defines a mindapple as "anything you do that's good for your mind."
The Mind Manual is a layperson's guide to how...

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Book Review: Mentalligence

John de Graaf, David Wann, and Thomas H. Naylor call it affluenza. Greg Easterbrook calls it the progress paradox. And Kristen Lee calls it social indoctrination.
What I am referring to is the promise life makes that when we make more money we will be...