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Book Review: How to Be Yourself

At its worst, social anxiety can make ordering a cup of coffee a daunting task, and can make a party feel like a house of horrors. From what direction will humiliation spring? Is it any wonder people with social anxiety learn to cower at...


Book Review: From Anxiety to Love

“My anxiety journey was one of the worst, most terrifying experiences of my life. Yet once I allowed it to become my greatest teacher, it also became one of the best,” writes Corinne Zupko.
In her new book, From Anxiety to Love: A Radical New...

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Book Review: American Snake Pit

As a society, we often forget those who are in the most dire need. We tend to wave off any thoughts of the developmentally disabled or those left behind due to severe mental illness. While their families never forget, most Americans would rather pretend...

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Book Review: Above The Fray

Perfectionism, it has been said, is a blessing and a curse. While it drives us to try harder, it also moves the goal we are reaching for just far enough away that, try as we may, we will never reach it. But what if...

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Book Review: Rock & Water

Rock and Water is a book meant to help readers better manage their thoughts and worries in order to enjoy a less stressful life and achieve greater happiness. According to the author Scott Cooper, our pursuit of happiness is often derailed by our reaction...

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Book Review: Running with Mindfulness

Over the years I have run track and road races of every distance, from the mile to the marathon. Many times, it felt like running was what kept me together. It got me through emotional ups and downs, connected me with nature and friends,...

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Book Review: Trauma-Sensitive Mindfulness

Mindfulness seems to be the current “big thing.” It is touted by not just therapists and mindfulness practitioners but also by life coaches, motivational speakers, the popular press, and more. You can hardly look at any form of media without coming across articles and...

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Book Review: How to Be a Person in the World

Under the name “Ask Polly,” Heather Havrilesky writes a popular advice column for The Cut at New York Magazine. How to Be a Person in the World: Ask Polly’s Guide Through the Paradoxes of Modern Life is a collection of some of the most...

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Book Review: The Forgotten Art of Love

In 1956, The Art of Loving by Erich Fromm became an international bestseller as the first real guide to understanding love. Decades later, the book became out-of-step with contemporary thinking and fell into obscurity. Even so, Armin Zadeh, a cardiologist and professor at John...