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Book Review: Play & Creativity in Psychotherapy

In Play and Creativity in Psychotherapy, Terry Marks-Tarlow, Marion Solomon, and Daniel J. Siegel demonstrate that play can have a significant role in the healing process. Taking the time to relearn how to play as an adult can help build resilience, creativity, and spontaneity...

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Book Review: I Fell In Love With An Asexual

“How had I ended up in such an unusual situation, with someone so amazing, and at the same time incompatible in such an important way? Why couldn’t we live in a culture where people talked more openly about sexuality?” asks Dave Wheitner.
In I Fell...

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Book Review: The Mindful Twenty-Something

Reading The Mindful Twenty-Something just as I enter my thirties was a revealing task. Being mindful wasn’t something I was particularly worried about in my twenties, but Holly Rogers’ conversational, yet rich treatment of the content made me wish I had picked up her...


Book Review: Mastering the Addicted Brain

I have worked in the substance use disorder field for about forty years. It can be a contentious field at times, with varying factions proclaiming that their way for recovery is the only way.
Some go the denial-busting, "you must admit you are an addict"...


Book Review: The Conscious Caregiver

Caregiving has received increased attention in recent years, and with good reason. With a reported 10,000 people turning 65 each day, there are more seniors who are living longer, often with frailties and illness.
While the number of assisted, nursing, and independent living facilities may...

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Book Review: Hidden Treasure

Do you like to pretend you are a pirate searching for gold? Hidden Treasure by Alice McDowell won’t take you down the plank, but it will take you on a journey to your true self.
Through artwork, personal stories from people she has worked with,...

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Book Review: The Ethics of Caring

Caring is a universal force that compels healers all of kinds, from therapists to bodyworkers. Yet, as much as we are all drawn to the desire to help, really helping someone depends not just on desire, but on truly understanding the ethics of caring.

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Book Review: Altered Traits

The word mindfulness is now used so commonly that it has almost entirely lost its meaning. And yet, mindfulness lies at the core of meditation, a practice that — despite its vast promise to fix everything from our relationships to our feelings of anxiety — is...

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Book Review: U Thrive

Every once in a while a book comes along that is both necessary and elegant. U Thrive: How To Succeed in College and Life is one of those books. It is, perhaps, the most inclusive guide to the known science of applied positive psychology,...

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Book Review: The Fearless Path

The Fearless Path by Leah Guy is one part memoir, one part yoga, one part spirituality, one part inspiration, and one part exercises (yoga, meditation, and others).
It is well written, interesting, and easy to follow. For those of us who only have a vague...