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Book Review: Grief Day By Day

“Shortly after my husband died, I bought a sign that read, 'Have an adequate day.' It made me smile. I could have an adequate day even if I wasn’t having a good day,” writes Jan Warner.
In her new book, Grief  Day By Day: Simple...

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Book Review: The Stressed Years of Their Lives

Ever increasing competition, constant pressure to perform, no room for errors, and everything on display -- this is the typical life of a college student. And what used to be a single bad grade is often now felt as a complete and total devastation.

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Book Review: Creating Compassionate Kids

Parents want to raise compassionate, caring children who are prepared for the variety of challenges they will face, who are sensitive to the needs of others, and who know what empathy is and how to express it. The question is: How do we do...

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Book Review: Mastering Adulthood

Acting like an adult means regulating our emotions. It is about recognizing our habitual patterns of responding, taking responsibility for them, and changing our behavior to better help us navigate our lives.
However, for many people, it is easier said then done.
“Something keeps getting in...


Book Review: Whole Again: Healing Your Heart

There is a trauma that often goes unseen. It is not obvious to the naked eye. Sometimes it only occurs behind closed doors. It may only exist in subtle comments, but its effects linger long after the abuse ends.
And yet, many people fall prey...

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Book Review: Healing a Community

When something as devastating as a mass shooting occurs, it is hard to know where to begin the process of healing. With so many people affected on such a mass scale, there is chaos, uncertainty, confusion -- even for mental health providers.
“Despite their best...

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Book Review: Promoting Healthy Attachments

Deborah Gray has been working with children, parents and families for a long time. As I read her new book, Promoting Healthy Attachments: Hands-On Techniques to Use with Your Clients, I thought how great it would be to be one of her practicum students,...