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Book Review: Anxiety Free Kids

Having anxiety as an adult can be debilitating. And for a parent, watching a child struggle with anxiety can be heartbreaking and confusing. Many parents have trouble finding the right words, strategies, and environmental conditions that will help children find their confidence and overcome their...

Autism / Asperger

Book Review: Autism & The Family

While we are learning more every day about autism and how it affects a person, what is so often – and so easily– overlooked is just how autism affects a family. In her new book, Autism and the Family: Understanding and Supporting Parents and...

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Book Review: When Reality Bites

It’s hard to imagine that denial can be helpful in any way. Many believe that denial, in fact, lies at the heart of addictive behaviors, stymies growth, and inflames many maladaptive behaviors. But according to Holly Parker, author of Reality Bites: How Denial Helps...

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Book Review: The Ultimate Guide To Raising Teens & Tweens

While teens and tweens spend countless hours on Instagram, facebooking, texting, tweeting, and messaging -- all examples the instant gratification world they now live in – the resiliency, resourcefulness, confidence and self-control that are needed to succeed in the world lie dormant and undeveloped.
Handwriting, spelling,...

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Book Review: The Thrive Life

“What if you could take control of every choice, your every decision, and focus all that you are into becoming the person you want to be? What amazing things could you do? What impossibilities could you turn into accomplishments?...This is your wake-up call; this...

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Book Review: Raising A Secure Child

Parents, it turns out, make a lot of mistakes. But according to the authors of the new book, Raising a Secure Child: How Circle of Security Parenting Can Help You Nurture Your Child’s Attachment, Emotional Resilience, and Freedom to Explore, one of the biggest mistakes...

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Book Review: The Quitter's Guide to Finishing

Betsy Schow wrote The Quitter’s Guide to Finishing as a follow-up to her book Finished Being Fat, the story of her personal weight loss journey that encouraged readers to persevere to reach their own goals. The Quitter's Guide to Finishing offers many good tips (101, to...

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Book Review: What Love Is & What It Could Be

On the first page of What Love Is and What It Could Be, author Carrie Jenkins lets readers know that she is a philosopher and that she has both a husband and a boyfriend. Jenkins isn’t cheating or hiding her relationships from either partner....


Book Review: The Anti-Depressant Book

Teenage suicides can leave us all feeling helpless -- especially when they happen in epidemic proportions. But for teenagers who suffer from the sort of depression that might make them want to take their own life, there are few books written just for them.

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Book Review: Saved by the Dog

I have been around dogs all my life. Due to life circumstances, my only "siblings" and my only "children" have been dogs.
When I was growing up, I remember a young blind woman named Pat who functioned very well with her seeing eye dog in...