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Book Review: Stand Firm

Ironic as it may be, Stand Firm: Resisting the Self-Improvement Craze is a self-help book urging you to resist the self-improvement craze.
The field of psychology is an outgrowth of philosophy. In fewer than 200 pages, psychology professor Svend Brinkmann turns that back around, using the...

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Book Review: The Undoing Project

Michael Lewis, the author of Liar’s Poker, The Blind Side, and Moneyball is out with a new book that is already a bestseller: The Undoing Project: A Friendship That Changed Our Minds.
The stars of the book hail not from the worlds of sports, nor big money or celebrity. Instead, Daniel Kahneman and Amos Tversky are academics who wrote articles in the types of scholarly journals that are so laden with jargon and statistics as to be nearly incomprehensible...

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Book Review: Our Emotional Footprint

Have you ever wondered about someone that you see on the bus, plane, or train?
Are you a ‘people watcher’ by nature? Do you sometimes allow your imagination to create a storyline on your person of interest? Or, are you intrigued by medical science, behavioral...


Book Review: The Worry-Free Mind

What do you worry about? Is it your family? Finances? Relationships? We all have things that we worry about at times but the good news is that we can train our brains to overcome our tendency to worry.
In The Worry-Free Mind, Carol Kershaw and...

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Book Review: The Worth Expert Guide to Scientific Literacy

How do scientists approach the world, or in other words, how do they think?
As public opinion about science shifts and misinformation endangers our understanding of the world and ourselves, it seems more important than ever to understand the scientific modes of experimentation and interpretation.

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Book Review: The Wisdom Of Not Knowing

For most people, uncertainty holds a negative connotation. It can make us look unprepared, unintelligent, and amateurish. And yet, according to Estelle Frankel, the author of The Wisdom Of Not Knowing: Discovering A Life Of Wonder By Embracing Uncertainty, uncertainty doesn’t just lie at...

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Book Review: The E-word

Perception, while it is everything, can also be terribly blinding. Our individual perspective not only separates us from seeing our world clearly, but from experiencing it fully.
In her new book, The E-word: Ego, Enlightenment & Other Essentials, Cate Montana MA tackles the question of ego...

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Book Review: The Genogram Casebook

We are social creatures. Perhaps more than anything, our relationships with our family members and friends define us. Healthy relationships bolster us and help us act confidently in our communities; estranged or conflicted relationships undermine our sense of wellbeing and send ripples through our...

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Book Review: Brain Briefs

Have you ever wondered if multitasking is an effective work strategy? Why we develop prejudices? Whether playing Mozart will make your infant smarter? What the differences between the right and left sides of our brains are? How we deal with cognitive dissonance? In Brain Briefs:...