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Attention Deficit Disorder

Book Review: Transforming ADHD

ADHD is not as it sounds -- an attention deficit disorder.
According to the authors of Transforming ADHD: Simple, Effective Attention & Action Regulation Skills To Help You Focus & Succeed, Greg Crosby, MA, LPC, and Tonya K. Lippert, PhD, ADHD is a difficulty regulating and...

Book Reviews

Book Review: Who Gets In?

Among the most emotionally fraught issues of our time is the question of who gets in -- and who should get in -- to the most selective colleges in the nation.
High-profile scholars, educators, and pundits stake out positions in books and screeds. Passionate opinion...

Book Reviews

Book Review: The Stress-Proof Brain

Who wouldn't love a stress proof brain? The title of this book, The Stress-Proof Brain, is enough to intrigue anyone going through a stressful time.
Melanie Greenberg provides background on how our brains respond to stress and how that response is what determines how we...


Book Review: Weight, Diet & Body Image

When is the last time you were at an event that did not involve food? Perhaps it was a Monday morning committee meeting or church activity on Thursday night. Because food is such a prevalent part of our culture and it's rare to have...

Book Reviews

Book Review: Treating Trauma-Related Dissociation

I have had both friends and clients who had dissociative identity disorder. I have also come across therapists who diagnosed virtually every client they saw as DID. I wish this book had been available back in those days. The authors have been working with...


Book Review: The Posttraumatic Growth Workbook

The authors of The Posttraumatic Growth Workbook: Coming Through Trauma Wiser, Stronger, and More Resilient, Richard Tedeschi and Bret Moore, are both practicing psychologists and have been for many years (Tedeschi for over 35 years and Moore for more than 15 years). Their...


Book Review: A Loving Divorce

When a couple says, “I do,” those two simple words are filled with hope, love, and devotion. There is a sense of permanency, of stability, of forever. And yet we are repeatedly faced with sobering statistics. Half of all US marriages end in divorce.