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Book Review: When Your Child Is Gay

In late October 1996, Wesley Davidson discovered a note in her son’s bedroom. “It was a love note, my son’s name entwined with another boy’s surrounded by a heart.” This note, like it would for most parents, caused Davidson’s world to unravel. But it...

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Book Review: The Laughing Cure

Midway through his book, The Laughing Cure, Dr. Brian King writes, "Laughter isn't a cure for anything, but it sure can help a lot."
This was an unwelcome statement to read after diligently wading through the first half of King's book. The preceding chapters were...


Book Review: The STOP Program For Women Who Abuse

As a graduate student in my counseling psychology program some years ago, I began my internships with agencies that taught basic counseling skills such as supporting a client, summarizing what was discussed, how to use minimal encouragers, and other important techniques for building a...

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Book Review: The Champion's Comeback

Life is all about comebacks. Our lives ebb and flow. As both a counselor and a teacher of taijiquan, I have encountered many people with inspiring comeback stories. I have known people who were abused in all sorts of cruel ways as children but...

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Book Review: Pathways to Possibility

When we transform our life narrative from one of outdated and limiting beliefs to one of unencumbered possibilities, not only do we avail ourselves of limitless growth, we become an agent of change. This is the message behind Rosamund Stone Zander’s new book, Pathways...


Book Review: The Mindfulness Solution for Intense Emotions

As a therapist who has worked with children and adolescents who struggle with emotion dysregulation, anger management, and trauma, I found DBT (dialectical behavior therapy) helpful in conceptualizing the emotional challenges of my clients. DBT was also helpful in guiding my clients toward greater...

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Book Review: Psychoetry: Lessons in Poetic Parenting

Two wheeled bicycle
waiting to be ridden
Are you something I must try,
or fruit that is forbidden?
With thoughts of falling over,
I shake and you’re unsteady
Do I climb upon your seat,
or come back when I’m ready?
Clinging to the handlebar
I pedal up and down
Shall I smile fearlessly,
or wear...


Book Review: It Didn't Start With You

Shakespeare said, “The sins of the father are to be laid upon the children.” Often repeated and even more often actualized, this concept of the transference of “sins” through a generation is now supported by scientific evidence, as explained in Mark Wolynn’s It Didn’t...