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Book Review: Understanding Mental Illness

As a licensed marriage and family therapist and mental health writer, I am always interested in new books about mental health and the way we treat those with mental illnesses, so it was with interest that I picked up Marianne Richards's self-published new book,...


Book Review: Mom, Mania, & Me

Just how is a child cope when her mother goes off the handle in fits of rage, often leaving painful welts on her arms and legs, only to, days later, dress her up, buy her new clothes and take her to the theater? How...

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Book Review: Wired to Connect

A friend of mine recently ended an intimate relationship because she felt her beau not only misunderstood her, but that he also prevented her from being her true self. There were telltale signs of the end, as there always are, things like needing more...

Autism / Asperger

Book Review: The Un-Prescription for Autism

For any parent coping with raising an autistic child, managing the chaos that earmarks the disorder — not to mention the dizzying array of medications, treatments, and therapies — can often feel exhausting, overwhelming, and quite frequently, disheartening. autism is simply a very difficult...

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Book Review: The Secret Life of Sleep

Kat Duff's carefully researched, engagingly written, and wide-ranging The Secret Life of Sleep is an ode to sleep. The author documents the contemporary preoccupation with productivity, alertness, and cheating sleep. She points to the many ways we are urged along on that path, from...

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Book Review: When a Family Member Has OCD

“Every family is a system of constantly moving parts. When one part of the system changes, it creates change in all the other parts. What this means is that when one family member experiences a mental health challenge, all family members are affected.”
- Jon...

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Book Review: The Power of Names

Since I was a child, the origin and meaning of my name has always been a personal Holy Grail. Though the origin was somewhat straightforward — literally, the name of an ancient city — I have never been content to stop there, instead wanting...