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Book Review: Coping with Anxiety

Reading that caffeine can contribute to our anxiety made me feel anxious. Give up or even cut down on my coffee? Not sure I’m willing to make that sacrifice. Although that was one of the suggestions that I won’t apply at this time in...

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Book Review: Stuck in a Rut

If it’s true that most of us haven’t discovered a satisfying life purpose, then perhaps the more important question is why, and further, just what do we do about it. With this in mind, Fiona Craig pens her new book, Stuck in a Rut:...

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Book Review: Real Happiness

Being grateful is one of the keys to happiness you will find in every book on how to be happy. It's also one of the easiest things to practice, which is why it came as no surprise to me that the Three Good Things...

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Book Review: My Mother's House

Approximately million Americans are living with a mental illness. Given that and given that the average American family in 2015 consisted of people, then it is safe to estimate that at least million people in America are affected by mental illness....

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Book Review: Show Me Your Scars

What comes to mind when you think of the term mental illness?
Do you think of individuals who are thriving, successful, independent, and happy? Or do you picture individuals who are locked away from society because of dangerous hallucinations and delusions? Either perception is...


Book Review: The Big Fix: Hope After Heroin

It’s hard to watch the documentary Black Tar Heroin: The Dark End of the Street and imagine any of its five young subjects surviving past the age of thirty. Indeed, as heroin addiction has ballooned into a national epidemic, it’s hard to imagine anyone...

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Book Review: A Still Quiet Place for Teens

Dr. Amy Saltzman, author of A Still Quiet Place for Teens, presents valuable information on mindfulness in an eight-week format where teens are encouraged to read and practice each exercise for one week prior to moving onto the next section. The book presents sections...

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Book Review: Tell Me Your Story

I went to therapy twice — once after a tragic death in the family and once at the dissolution of an engagement after a five-year relationship. Walking across the threshold of the office was equally liberating and terrifying. What would the therapists say? Would...