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Book Review: The Rubber Brain

Everybody experiences disappointment with their circumstances at some point in life. In school, we might do poorly on an exam, or on the job market, we might mess up an interview. These failures can weigh us down, making it tougher to move on, but...

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Book Review: Love, Inc.

When a book about romantic love is called “Love, Inc.,” the reader is forewarned: This is not your typical love story. Author and Middlebury College professor Laurie Essig calls herself a romantic. On the first page of “Love, Inc.,” she says, “I fervently believe...

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Book Review: EMDR Therapy & Somatic Psychology

Many therapists and trainees will be familiar with the terms “somatic psychology” and “EMDR therapy,” and there have been many authors who have tried to write a book that encapsulates both of these topics succinctly, but in my opinion, none have succeeded in quite...

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Book Review: Aggression in Play Therapy

How do we handle aggression and anger in children? It is a question that has evaded parents, teachers, and child therapists alike.
Often when faced with aggressive behaviors, caregivers tend to focus solely on those behaviors and miss the important messages -- and even adaptive...