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Book Review: Understanding the Brain

Making a cup of coffee and remembering to turn off the coffeemaker. Driving to the grocery store and not getting lost. Remembering anniversaries, birthdays, and where you were supposed to meet your friend for lunch. All of these activities require the seamless workings of...

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Book Review: Change Your Genes, Change Your Life

We have all been dealt a set of genetic cards. Some may determine our height, athletic prowess, proclivity for creative writing, or the ability to rapidly add successive numbers. But how we play those cards -- through the stimuli we expose ourselves to, how...


Book Review: On Being 40 (ish)

There’s something about turning forty. What that is, exactly, is the question addressed by fifteen women and the editor, Lindsey Mead, in the thoughtful, spirited, poignant, and immensely readable anthology, On Being 40 (ish). The contributors, mostly Generation Xers, are a who’s who of...

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Book Review: Choosing Your Power

“No one woke up this morning to make your life miserable,” writes Dr. Wayne Pernell. And yet many people do feel miserable, as if their life is not going in the right direction, and they are not in the right career, relationship, or city.

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Book Review: The Psychological Brain

“Almost everything humans do originates in the brain, therefore if we want a better life and a better world we need to know more about how the brain operates,” writes Herbert J. Greenwald.
While we may understand the biological and physical workings of the brain,...


Book Review: Dancing on the Tightrope

We all face challenges in life, and more often than not, we feel they are unique to our lives and unlike other peoples’ challenges. However, according to Beth Kurland, PhD, the challenges of being human are more common than we might believe.
She writes, “There...

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Book Review: Brain Tingles

There is a universal feeling that happens when someone lightly touches the skin on our back, plays with our hair, or whispers in our ear. We immediately feel calmer, more relaxed, and soothed in their presence.
This feeling, according to Craig Richard, PhD, is called...