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Sex Versus Survival: The Life & Ideas of Sabina Spielrein

One of the most intriguing women you’ve never heard of, Sabina Spielrein overcame extraordinary obstacles to arguably become one of the forerunners of psychoanalysis, evolutionary biology, and child psychology. But a forerunner whom history forgot.
At once intriguing and empowering, the story of Spielrein and her...

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Parenting Made Easy: The Middle Years

Parents with young children often look toward the elementary-school years with a combination of anticipation and fear. They anticipate the joy of seeing their kids become more independent, but also know that behavior struggles can accompany the quest for independence.
In Parenting Made Easy -- The Middle Years: A Bag of...


Spinster: Making a Life of One's Own

Kate Bolick, the forty-something author of Spinster: Making a Life of One’s Own, has had a series of long-term relationships. She loved those men. In the relationships, she writes, she “found so much meaning and satisfaction.” Yet each time, when the natural next move was to cross the threshold into official matrimony, she never took that step.
She had what she calls a spinster wish. She savored the fantasy of the single life “not because I didn’t want such relationships, but because...

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Book Review: Torch

Cheryl Strayed, bestselling author of Wild, poignantly captures the human spirit in her novel, Torch. Strayed’s writing is pure and honest, infused with raw emotion and sharp, pivotal imagery. Torch tells the story of how one family in a small Midwestern town copes with catastrophe, with boundless grief.
Teresa Rae Wood is a bright light in Midden, Minnesota. She’s the inspirational voice behind Modern Pioneers, a local radio show. She’s a loving wife to Bruce Gunther...

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The Beast: A Journey Through Depression

Every so often gifted writers are willing to share their own struggles with depression. The powerful combination of skilled wordsmith and insightful patient often results in a book that not only informs the reader about depression, but pulls us in. Written by journalist Tracy Thompson, The...