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Overcoming OCD: A Journey to Recovery

My husband often tells me I have obsessive-compulsive disorder: Sometimes when I leave the house I check that I have locked the door, often going back two, three, even four times to ensure that the deadbolt is secure. I also do this with the oven, the stove,...


Getting Unstuck: Break Free of the Plateau Effect

Faster, stronger, higher, smarter: Self-improvement has a certain addictive quality to it. Doing things faster or better not only elicits praise — from your boss, say, or your partner — but it also just feels good. You put in a little extra effort and you see...


Book Review: Calm Mama, Happy Baby

During pregnancy, many mothers-to-be imagine peaceful, happy times with their new babies. Months later, they find themselves confronting the harsh reality that motherhood can be stressful, even frightening at times. Babies won’t sleep, nursing is problematic, and family members keep giving well-meaning but critical...

Book Reviews

Book Review: The Power of Others

As a therapist and introvert, I find that the collective energies of some groups make me feel trapped. While collective energies or intellect can empower us, forces like groupthink can also rob us of our ability to function independently. Even when we think we’re making...