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Book Review: A New Theory of Teenagers

For parents, the teen years can be nothing short of tumultuous. Teenagers’ intense sensitivity, hair-trigger emotions, and seemingly unhinged behavior can make parents feel as if they have no power in the relationship with their children, or even worse, that they are losing a...


Book Review: The Emotionally Healthy Child

How do you raise an emotionally healthy child in a world that seems focused on selfies, immediate gratification, and constant stimulation?
It is a question that has likely troubled many parents, teachers, and caregivers. The answer, says Maureen Healy, begins with three simple words: stop,...

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Book Review: Relationship Sanity

Compassionate, loving relationships seem to be the crucible of our lives. We desperately want to feel loved, needed, and close to another, and yet at the same time, quite often the experience terrifies us.
Moreover, coming from challenged or even dysfunctional patterns of intimacy, we...


Book Review: Somebody I Used to Know

Most adults are familiar with the topic of Alzheimer’s disease, but how many of us have had the opportunity to sit down with someone with Alzheimer’s and learn about their personal experience with the disease?
Wendy Mitchell set about changing the narrative around Alzheimer’s with...


Book Review: The Disordered Mind

“Self-awareness leads us to question who we are and why we exist,” writes Eric R. Kandel.
Seeking answers to questions like this is what makes us human, but how do we explain how our consciousness arises from the physical matter that is our brain?
In his...

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Book Review: Stan & the Four Fantastic Powers

Stan and the Four Fantastic Powers is a richly dynamic book with a powerful and inspiring message, and it is the first book to be written based on the concepts, practice, and research behind Appreciative Inquiry (AI), a system of intervention shown to have...


Book Review: How to Be a Better Child Therapist

Even for seasoned therapists, child therapy can be challenging. Children often do not want to talk about difficult feelings, can be hesitant to open up, and may be in the role of the “identified patient.” Moreover, parents often present with their own desires and...

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Book Review: What If This Were Enough?

At a time when we are relentlessly urged to do better, be better, improve ourselves, be happy, and display our happiness for all to see, what a relief it would be to take seriously the message of Heather Havrilesky’s new book: Maybe what we...

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Book Review: The Influential Mind

Have you ever gotten into a Facebook argument about politics or religion or science? Have you ever been unfriended after those disagreements? This book can help you to understand why that happens, and how to change it.
Author Tali Sharot is a professor of cognitive neuroscience in the department of Experimental Psychology and the director of the Affective Brain Lab at University College London. In The Influential Mind: What the Brain Reveals About Our Power to Change Others, Sharot examines why people believe...