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The Sociopath at the Breakfast Table

Consider the following scenarios and see if any of them sounds familiar.

Fifteen-year-old James was an intelligent only child from a wealthy family. He often became bored and listless, he skipped school by faking illness, and he was adept at manipulating his parents. He targeted...

Healing Moments in Psychotherapy

Inter-subjectivity. Do you know what it means? Unfortunately, the majority of Americans would probably have to search a dictionary to gain a basic understanding. But according to psychologist Daniel Hughes, writing for a clinician audience, inter-subjectivity refers to “the quality of a relationship wherein...

Book Review: Outside the Lines: A Novel

Outside the Lines powerfully encourages readers to reexamine their perspective regarding mental illness. Amy Hatvany intricately explores the world of someone who’s mentally ill, detailing painful repercussions, stigma and societal perceptions. And alongside this narrative, we witness a beautiful, deep-seated love between a father and daughter.
As a young girl, Eden observed her artistic father, David, struggle with bipolar symptoms. Extreme instability and highly impulsive behavior strained his marriage and ultimately tore his entire family apart. After David’s botched suicide attempt,...