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Book Review: The Self-Confidence Workbook

Contrary to what people who lack self-confidence might believe, the trait is not inborn. Nor is it a constant; even self-confident people suffer bouts of self-doubt. And if obstacles to self-confidence were constructed in you by clumsy or even malevolent parenting, these are surmountable.

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Book Review: The Empath's Survival Guide

“Like many empathic children, I never fit in. In fact, I felt like an alien on earth waiting to be transported to my real home in the stars,” writes Judith Orloff.
For empathic people, the world is both excruciatingly painful and exquisitely beautiful. They feel...

Book Reviews

Book Review: Palaces for the People

We face daunting problems in the twenty-first century -- polarization that has people at each other’s throats, the isolation that can result from our fraying social bonds, the growing inequality that is exacerbating so many problems. Psychologists offer one set of solutions, such as...


Book Review: Caught in the Net

How to Recognize the Signs of Internet Addiction-And a Winning Strategy for Recovery
by Kimberly S. Young
Hardcover; 256 pages (March 1998); John Wiley & Sons (ISBN: 0471191590)
Kimberly S. Young, perhaps the world's best known advocate of helping people who spend too much time online, has a way with words. In her first book, Caught in the Net (John Wiley & Sons, 1998), she uses her wordweaving skills...


Book Review: The Five Hurdles To Happiness

"Amid patterns 'large' (addiction, abusiveness, hateful violence, self-injury, self-loathing, and abject despair) and patterns 'small' (relationship struggles, reactive parenting, career burnout and dead ends, edginess and angst with loved ones), we all pass our days largely on autopilot, sheepishly enslaved to old scripts of...


Book Review: Owning Bipolar

The subtitle of Michael Pipich's new book, Owning Bipolar: How Patients and Families Can Take Control of Bipolar Disorder, should be enough for those with bipolar disorder and their family members to want to pick up this book and embrace it. Bipolar disorder takes...